Family Law

Family law matters are difficult to deal with and emotionally traumatic for everyone involved. That's why it is important to have a firm but compassionate family law attorney in Warner Robins who understands the law and has the skills to protect your interests. Lynn Hamilton Johnson is that attorney.

Family law is a general term covering a variety of laws involving marriage and children. Common family law issues include divorce, annulment, child custody and visitation rights, child support payments and spousal support/alimony. As middle Georgia family lawyers we also handle adoption and guardianship issues as well as domestic violence cases and restraining orders for adults.

These are all emotional and complex issues and create unique challenges for the families, lawyers and courts involved. Lynn Hamilton Johnson is experienced in family law and knows how to efficiently and effectively navigate through the complicated legal process, and be there when you have questions.

No two family law cases are alike. While the best interests of a child may be used to determine child custody, for example, “best interests” is subjective, based on the situations of each family. Therefore, a good family law attorney should not only understand the law, but should also be able to listen to you carefully to get a clear understanding of your situation. Lynn Hamilton Johnson has that rare combination of legal toughness and compassion for families to find the best solution possible in these difficult cases.

Our Warner Robins divorce lawyers handle a full range of family law matters for clients throughout middle Georgia; from complex marital dissolution proceedings to contested child custody matters, including relocation. We are skilled in litigation, as well as negotiation.

We assist clients in all aspects of the law relating to the needs of today’s families, including, but not limited to: