Wills and Probate

None of us really want to think about death, and taking the steps to plan for the management of our estates after death is even more daunting. 

Warner Robins wills and probate attorney Lynn Hamilton Johnson has prepared wills for many middle Georgia families over the years including Living Wills, Powers of Attorney for Finances and Powers of Attorney for Healthcare. By choosing the law firm of Lynn Hamilton Johnson you can rest assured your estate will be administered efficiently and your family will be protected to the fullest extent possible from unnecessary and expensive court proceedings and avoidable federal and state taxes.

Probate Attorney Lynn Johnson will examine your situation carefully and develop strategies for the best means of transferring your assets, minimizing taxes, establishing guardianship for your children, supporting personal philanthropic causes, and protecting your loved ones. She can also draft a will or living trust to make your desires known and establish living trusts, if beneficial to your estate.

Typical documents in a Georgia estate plan include:

Probate Disputes

The legal process that follows an individual's death is known as probate, the process by which an estate is administered and processed through the legal system. Following the death of a loved one, when assets need to be managed and distributed, disputes often arise between the beneficiaries and trustees of a trust or heirs and executors of a will. These arguments and misunderstandings can cause rifts in families and evolve into legal battles which may result in complex probate litigation and trial. 

In the event of disputes regarding an estate, Macon, GA, area attorney Lynn Hamilton Johnson is qualified to to represent your interests by challenging invalid wills or defending valid wills against challenges of dissatisfied beneficiaries. Services include negotiations between the beneficiaries of a will to preserve relationships or, if necessary to protect your interests, aggressive representation in court.

Estate planning can never be done too soon. Contact the Law Office of Lynn Hamilton Johnson at 478-922-3889 or use our Contact Form to make an appointment now